Ayurveda Counselor- 600 Hours

This comprehensive online seminar course provides indepth study of foundational concepts needed to become an Ayurveda Counselor.

*Spring Session-April 2020
*Summer Session-September 2020

After the successful completion of this program, students will be able to create recommendations to address dosha, dhatu imbalances using dietary, lifestyle and contemplative practices like meditation, herbs, yoga, self-care strategies to encourage a lifestyle of balance.

What can an Ayurvedic Counselor do
Ayurveda Counselor graduates may be existing Herbalists, other health practitioners, Massage Therapists, Yoga teachers etc. who use Ayurveda as an adjunct to their prominent practice to counsel their existing clients.

The Ayurvedic Counselor can provide public education regarding basic tenets of Ayurveda at Yoga Schools, or, provide lifestyle, herbal, yoga and self-care recommendations based on Ayurveda for their own clients, or clients of Alternative Health Centers, Wellness Spas. In addition the Ayurvedic Counselor will be able to educate the general public regarding basic tenets of Ayurveda.

Our school does not provide any job Assistance.

NAMA membership
National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), a self-regulating membership organization has guidelines that require 600 Hours of Ayurveda training, with minimum in person "internship" hours.

In order to apply for a professional membership Association. In addition, it also mandates a NATIONAL BOARD EXAM for Ayurveda Counselor. Our seminar is designed to support the student to take the NAMA BOARD exam and meet the Ayurveda Counselor competencies*

The course has five terms of 10-11 weeks each.
It is a hybrid training delivery with onsite in person classes, offline distance learning sessions, and online classes via zoom.

Online core classes are held one weekend(Saturday or sunday) and electives usually on a Thursday. Make up sessions are on Mondays and private internships are last weekend of the month. In addition, there are onsite weekend workshops cum internships 3-4 times a year.

Onsite Workshop/Internship Dates

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Please note that Ayurveda is not recognized by FDA, and remains a holistic health modality, recognized as a complimentary medicine in only some states in USA. Ayurveda and its practitioners are not meant to treat, diagnose or assess any disease