Block 1-200 Hours

Block 1 200 Hours

Starting September 2014 --the Block 1 Foundation will be a 200 Hours course. This is being done to accomodate the necessary changes in number of Credit Hours for our Ayureda Counselor and Ayurveda Practitioner Programs.

Block 1 Foundation (Ayurvedic Practices) is a Level 1 program in Ayurveda that serves as a pre requisite to Ayurveda Counselor and Ayurveda Practitioner. It is an online course, with two optional onsite weekend workshops at our location. This course works as a pre-requisite for all our advanced Programs. Portion of this course can be applied towards Yoga Therapy, and, Herbology Programs.

This course covers all the core and basic concepts of Ayurveda within the scope of Ayurveda 101, Samkhya Philosophy and Tridoshas 101. The program focuses on the basic tenets of Ayurveda especially Prakruti (Psychosomatic constitution, Agni (Digestive Fire) assessment, daily routine, seasonal routine and basic Ayurvedic Nutrition for your own dosha. Please pay by August 5th 2014 to receive your Enrollment Material, Modules, Books and/or Dvds a few days before the course begins.

Pre - Requisite - High School Diploma. Basic Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is preferred, but, not required.

This course is the foundation to all the other advanced courses. After the course is finished student can apply for Block 2- Counselor.

Accepting Applications for September 2014 Session

Last Date of Application - August 5th, 2014

FEES - $995 when paid in advance. $1250 when paid in four installments.

Includes Textbook, Audio, Video and Emodules.

About Block 1 Foundation 200 Hours

Unit 1: Ayurveda 101. Introduction. History. Eight Branches, Ayurveda and integration with Yoga, TCM and other Alt. Health System, Introduction to Ahara, Difference between Western Nutrition and Ayurvedic Ahara, Introduction to Daily Regimen, Introduction to Seasonal Regimen - (Course Credit: 3)
Unit 2: Samkhya 101, Creation of Cosmos according to Samkhya, Definition of Purushu and Prakruti, Shad Darshana, Creation of causal elements, Qualities and Gunas of Pancha Mahabhutas - Tanmatras, Gyanindriyas (Course Credit: 3)
Unit 3: Tridoshas 101, Vata and its sub types, Concept of Prana, Pitta and its sub types, Difference between pitta and Agni, Four states of Agni, Determine Mandagni, Tikshnagni, Samagni. Kapha and its sub types. Ojas and its functions(Course Credit: 4)

Evaluation: Essays, Assignments, Multiple Choice Questions, Fill out the case study form, Prakruti form, vikruti form, Daily Regimen, Seasonal Regimen, Daily Biological Clock. There are two quizzes, Online assignments and 4 case study forms that a student must submit, in order to graduate from this program into the Block 2.

Training Delivery- One weekend Workshop Intensive (Saturday and Sunday), and, 10 Online live sessions via Webex, Fuzemeeting or a Live Webinar software.

This course requires an Internet Connexion, and, a computer.


EACH ONLINE LIVE CLASS SESSION is 2- 3 Hours except the orientation