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Online classes are the latest, and newest way for education delivery. Instructors can teach online more naturally by using high-definition video, or, use multimedia presentations, whiteboard, share files, collaborate in real time and allow students to take live online quizzes, or, do classwork by doing collaborative groupwork open assignments.

The benefits of online training are:.
• Classes are recorded and available for viewing(for a limited time).
• Online live classes may offer live quizzes, polls, collaborating on documents, and online attendance.
• Automatic attendance reports, test results and evaluations
• Students can log into our online ‘class’ meetings (webinars), or online sessions without leaving their home or work. Some classes are also available using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads or any smartphone that can host the Zoom APP
WebEx app.
HIPAA compliant secure software for sharing confidential information during client encounters.

Classes may follow one of the following formats:

*Workshop Onsite
*Online - Live Webinars
*Distant Learning

Monica Bhatia, Ph.D at an Ayurvedic Seminar for Women

Gayathri Shylesh- student presentation

Dr. Sahana Kedlaya

Parmela Sawhney, M.D- Introduction to Ayurveda

Moodle Learning Management System During off-class hours we use the MOODLE LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS), which works as a virtual campus and students workspace. All the classes, presentations, ebooks, manuals, message board and announcements, school calender is posted here. Simply login with the username and password provided by the school to your course number. The username and password are given to the students via usps or email. Screenshots