Quarter System with 24 weeks each. Each quarter is 12 weeks.

School Policy on Satisfactory Progress
Student must complete all their assignments by end of each quarter.
Grading Period: Every 8 weeks.
Grading Schedule: At the end of 8 weeks, 16 weeks, and, 24 Weeks

Quarter 1:
Hours Covered- 210 Hrs
Lesson Plans Completed--39
Bk 101-100 Hrs,
PK 102- 50 Hrs
Sans 103 60 Hrs,

Quarter 2-
Hours Covered- 198 Hrs
Lesson Plans Completed- 42
NID 104 100 Hrs
JYOT 105 38 Hours,
AP 106 30 Hrs
PATH 107 30 Hrs

Class Schedule:

ONLINE ‘live’ classes 7 AM PST– 10 AM PST Saturdays
Wednesdays at 5.30 PM PST. – 7 PM

End of every 12 weeks, a weekend 9 AM- 5 PM intensive
Internship may be done online or in person

All online quizzes, reading, final project, watching archived class recordings, and, assignments are done offline at a student owns time. Classwork may be given like class-workbooks may happen during class times.
When can a student sign up? Student must apply at least 15 working days before the first day of class (September 3 in this case), or, as early as 2 months before the class begins. When admissions open, it is listed on the website.