Consultation in person or via phone, skype, etc

Ayurveda Consultation

We offer three types of Ayurveda Consultations either in person or online.

1. Student Consultations under a senior student or a teacher
2. Free or by donation consulation by Students not observed by a teacher
3. Regular Consultations with an experienced Ayurvedic Vaidya or Practitioner

Location In person consultations will happen in Austin Texas, or, ONLINE via Zoom Video Conference. Paid Consultations include 1 hr initial interview and a phone follow up. Free herb samples for upto 2 days maybe given, if available. Free or by donation consultations are only 30 minutes and do not include a follow up. Herb samples are not included. If you are out of state, all consultations happen online via zoom or video conferencing. We send you a link. The client clicks on it and is placed in conference. 1. Student Consultations with Follow up: If you sign up to be a student consultation, under the supervision of an Ayurveda Pracititioner, teacher, or a senior student- then the cost is $30. This also includes a follow up consultation over the phone or online. These consultations are shared and discussed in "classes" anonymously. Time is apx. 1 Hr for the initial consultation and 20 minutes for follow ups. Paperwork is required in advance. Please email us, or, call us after payment at Call at 5126929162. Or, use the contact form.
Our Student Consultations start from $30. The consultations may be done by a senior student with teacher present. Or, it may be done by a teacher with students present. Or, may be shared by students later. Regular consultations are also available. Regular Consultation: Regular private consultation with an Ayurveda Practitioner for Ayurveda or for Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). These consultations may be done by Monica B Groover, Dr Priyanka Rajan, or, Henry Groover. Cost $56. 1 hour consultation. Follow ups are $42. Prepayment required.
Consultation by DONATION: If you cant afford $30 consultation, contact us for a donation based Ayurvedic Consultation. There are no follow-ups. Donation based consultations are only 30 Minutes. Clients are required to do the paperwork and share beforehand. There are no follow ups. PAY HERE Please email us your reciept and we will set up an appointment. Email: Information about the Consultations Ayurveda is a holistic health system from India, that considers that you have a unique psycho somatic constitution or a Dosha. We are all born with a combination of these three doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. However, the percentage and domination of one dosha in our life determines our preferences, choices, appetite, digestion, memory, intellect and body type. When you approach us we first find out your Prakrti (Dosha at time of birth), and, current dosha (Vikrti or imbalance) -- and try to balance the two. We use nadi pariksha, tongue pariksha, sound pariksha. We also ask you to fill a set of forms, (Download Consultation Forms )before you visit us. You can download the form from the website. Once we have determined the imbalance, or, vikruti -- we may suggest Ayurvedic Herbs, Dosha lifestyle support, and holistic health counselling We are available for Ayurvedic nutritional counseling, Ayurvedic Herb Support, Ayurvedic dosha diet plans, Meditation, and, Aromatherapy for Thyroid Support, Ulcer Support, Kapha type Support, Immunity Support, Cholesterol Support, Chronic Fatigue Support, Menopause and Women Support, Adult Acne, Food Disorders support, Menstrual and Hormonal issues support, IBS support, Chronic Constipation support, Joint and Muscular Pain support, Post Partum Depression support, anxiety support, Pain management support, Arthritis and Thinning Hair support. Ayurvedic Herbs that support Nervous Disorders, Pain support,stress support may be discussed. Please note that these statements are not verified by FDA. Ayurveda is a complimentary health system. Please contact your physician before beginning any herbal or holistic health program, including Ayurveda. Please note that these statements are not verified by FDA. Ayurveda is a complimentary health system. Please contact your physician before beginning any herbal or holistic health program, including Ayurveda. PHONE: 5126929162 Monday-10 AM-2.30 PM Wednesday - 10 AM - 2.30 PM Friday- 10.AM - 2.30 PM Saturday - 2 PM to 6 PM Sunday- 2 PM to 6 PM Please note that all appointments on weekends tend to fill up very quickly. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
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