Introduction to Yoga Therapy-50 Hrs

Introduction to Yoga Therapy

Scope of Practice:

The Yoga Therapist shall have the competency to design a basic yoga therapy protocol of seasonal routine and daily routine for themselves, or, an individual based on the definition of health below. Our Introductory Yoga Therapy is a blend of online classes and optional weekend workshop is for anyone with comprehensive basic knowledge of Yoga principles. Must either be a yoga teacher training student, or, seriously practicing yoga for a mininum of one year.
(Susrūta, Sūtra Sthāna, 15/38) “Samadoṣaḥ sama̅gniśca samadha̅tumalakriyaḥ Prasanna̅tmendriyamana̅ḥ svastha ityabhidhi̅yate”

Yoga Teacher-200 Hours RYT

The course includes the self-awareness in Ayurveda as a focus for Yoga Therapy hrs.

Learning Objectives:

Integration of Yoga Practice with Principles of Ayurveda - to balance the five Vayus, Increase Prana, and achieve a state of Sama Agni.

The student will focus on making a yoga plan for their own dosha by:

Lesson 1 Shad Darshana-Six Perspectives and Philosophies,Yoga Darshana and Samkhya Darshana- 2.5 Hrs
Lesson 2 History and Background of Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Yoga Therapy- 2.5 Hrs
Lesson 3 Dosha Test, finding our Prakrti and Vikrti and application in Yoga Therapy - 5 Hrs
Lesson 4 Yoga Texts - 2.5 Hrs
Lesson 5 Pancha Mahabhutas, 2o Gunas in Yoga Therapy -2.5 Hrs
Lesson 6 Agni Balancing (Digestive Support) through Yoga Therapy-2.5 Hrs
Lesson 7: Asthanga Yoga and its applications in Yoga Therapy-2.5 hrs
Lesson 8 Pranayama (breathing support) in Yoga Therapy. 5 Hrs
Lesson 9 Asanas and Yoga Therapy props for Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Elderly, Children & Postpartum women- 12.5 Hrs (Teaching Methodology)
Lesson 10 Svastha Vritta
(Daily routine and Seasonal routine) - 2.5 Hrs
Lesson 11: Meditation in Yoga Therapy- 5 Hrs
Lesson 12: Marma Points applied to Yoga Therapy- 10 Hrs


Evaluation: In person
Quiz: Online
Forum Discussions: online
Creation of Plans: online
Client Encounters: In person and Online

Course Cost: $590. (10% extra if paid via installments)
Application Fees: $50 (Non refundable)
Onsite Internship: $100 per day. Dates - July 27, 28 and 29

This program is not reviewed by TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION or YOGA ALLIANCE. This program is a pre requisite to Ayurveda Yoga Therapy-Level 2